Philip de Koning                          beeldend kunstenaar   


specialist for monumental sculptures in stainless steel


TROPHEE MEDUSA AUREA  2009    ( gold medal )  of the Accademia Internazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome

Prix  REVELATION  2009   of the Fédération National de la Culture Française 





March 2015

The Sculpture Garden 'Zanderij ' in 's-Gravenland, Netherlands, facilitates a 'Leading Artist' exposition in their sculpture garden and in their recently opened 'Atelier'.

Apart from 'Floating Balance' in the pond, I present four substantial sculptures in stainless steel in the garden.

In the 'Atelier' my paintings in metal ( relief / collage/ patinated lead blades) can be seen on the walls.

In an adjacent space of the 'Atelier' five of the mixed technique paintings (nudes) of my wife Henriette can be admired.

Oude Meentweg 2      1243 JD 's-Gravenland     ( very close to the Bachlaan in Hilversum)


November 2014

My creation process started again after a summer break. I visited Valencia to get inspiration from the famous architect Calatrava and his futuristic buildings in this old Roman, Arabic and Medieval city. And also to see the work of Antonio Sacramento who is - like me -  a specialist in monumental sculptures in stainless steel and mixed techniques in which metal is always one core element.




2 May 2014

Official opening of the 'Salon de Printemps' de Grimaud (Var) France.

26 March 2014

My dynamic sculpture " Floating Balance " , created in 2013, was anchored in the pond between hole 18 and 17 at Rozenstein Golf Club, Wassenaar, Netherlands .


The sculpture received a warm welcome during it's installation at my home course. It is scheduled to stay for the summer / autumn golf season.


3 - 9 December 2013

Return to the Grand Palais Paris , France



'                                      The annual exposition of the Société des Artistes Indépendants


With my art friends of the Société des Artistes Indépendants back stage at lunch in the Grand Palais before the exposition and with my  " Petite GRANDE " Présidente , Dominique Lachapelle, who loved my Old Amsterdam cheese and my latest 3-D paintings .......

                                                                           " La femme sous le drap  "    


                                                                  Lead and stainless steel


HongKong Summer  2013

Young sailors of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Sai Kung , HongKong, had an other competition for the Philip de Koning Sailability Price. One of my Regate sculptures which I donated to my sailing friends in HongKong to stimulate sailing for young handicaped kids.



Praesidium Liberatae Libertatis November 2012

10 November 2012 was the inauguration of  the sculpture  "Praesidium Liberatae Libertatis " by the Rector Magnificus of the Leiden University , Netherlands.

The sculpture can be seen near the entrance of the Hortus Botanicus , behind the main building of the Leiden University. Entrance via the gate at Rapenburg 73 ,  Leiden , Netherlands



This sculpture reflects the regained Academic freedom after the occupation of the Netherlands and closure of the University from 1940 - 1945 by the Nazi's. 

The owl , the Athena , has freed itself from the chain and flies from the bars of prison into freedom. 

The sculpture also reflects the many years of Academic freedom since 1945, especially the 50 years of freedom for the Students LSC 1962 , who sponsored this sculpture for their dies 10 November 2012.



Major monumental sculpture for the FrieslandCampina Head Office in Amersfoort , Netherlands, inaugurated 1 November 2011




                                                                ( 5 m  x  2,1  m  x  5,2  m )



Previous Highlights


    "Ontmoeting"  ( 2007 )                                                                                  The value of the Pumpkin ( 2007 )

    for the CORPUS Museum, Oegstgeest , NL                                                   for ING Direct , Milan, Italia                                                       



    Kynetic monumental in a private park, Doorn , NL   ( 2009 )                              " Sailing into the Future " 

                                                                                                                    at Robinson College,   Cambridge , UK  ( 2007 )


Philip de Koning creates his monumental sculptures in general on command.

He often applies a wind vane function to give the sculpture a dynamic thrust.

He also creates sculptures ( on request )  in combinations of stone , bronze, copper and stainless steel.



                                                              Peacock in bronze, copper and stainless steel 



Expositions 2013



3 - 9 December 2013



Exposition of the Socie'te' des Artistes Inde'pendants 

Grand Palais

Paris , France


Manhattan East River



Summer  2013

Summer Exposition at

Park Duin- en Kruitberg , Santpoort-Noord


" Floating Balance  "

in co-creation with other kinetic sculptures of my colleague Bert Schoeren



Summer  2013

Sculpture Paintings and scuptures in stainless steel 

 Galerie Patries van Dorst

Landgoed De Wittenburg , Wassenaar , Netherlands




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