Philip de Koning visited the " Vrije Academie of Art " in The Hague, Netherlands in 1965 and 1966 to improve his drawing and painting skills, to sculpt with plaster and to experiment with photography.

During his working life he continued to paint on a limited scale.  

In his mid fifties he started again to sculpt. The Dutch sculptor Ingrid Rekers taught him the basic skills of  the "taille directe" in her atelier in Scheveningen, Netherlands.

                                                      "The Lion at rest " , one of the early sculptures


In 2003 he further developed his technical skills of " taille directe " in marble, coached by the maitre sculpteur Michel Mourier,  in the School of Art in La Croix Valmer ( Var,  France ).     

                                                                      Classic French school in marble

At Delft Technical University he had already learned how to work with metal. However, he qualified in 2003 as a professional welder. 

Drawn to the beauty and magic of stainless steel , he started in 2004 a cooperation with the Gebr. De Kloet B.V. in Kortenhoef, Netherlands, to apply industrial techniques for the creation of monumental sculptures in stainless steel .


the creation and transport of Ambition & Dynamics in close cooperation with Martin de Kloet , Brian and Jaap.


He also developed his skills to create sculptures with mixed techniques , like stainless steel and patinated bronze.

                                  Peacock in bronze , copper and stainless steel

He participated since 2004 in many expositions in France, Italy, England , the USA and - of course - in The Netherlands.

The Florence Biennale ( 2007)  Oisterwijk Sculpture  ( 2008 ) the Salon des Artistes Indépendants at the Grand Palais in Paris ( 2008 ,2009, 2011 and 2013 ) the summer Garden Exposition at Woburn Abbey ( UK , 2011 ) and the exposition at the New Art Center in Manhattan USA ( 2012 )  were major mile stones, which resulted in several prizes  . 


              Grand Palais reflecting on  "Galaxy "


After Philip was distinguished with the "Prix de Revelation " for his Galaxy sculpture bij the Federation National de la Culture Francaise in early 2009 , he was distinguished in Rome in May 2009 with the Gold Medal of the Trophee Medusa Aurea 2009 for his creations in stainless steel. 

This annual prize of the Accademia Internazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome, Italy, does exist since 1978 and is awarded to nominated European artists,  selected by Cultural Attachés of the different EU countries.